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Most of our exercises can be performed at home, with as little as a few bands.

Patient Exercises

The exercises shown in the physical therapy instructional videos are not intended to treat any ailment or injury. These exercises are specifically designed as a reference for patients who are participating in the Spinalworks Rehab Program.

Please consult your physician or physical therapist before beginning any exercise routine. Refrain from any motion or exercise that causes you pain, and never force your body into any positions.

Our Exercises are grouped in “tracks.” Each track is a series of progressions, starting with the easiest and gradually getting more difficult.


Pelvic Tilt Track

What it focuses on: Correction of Pelvic Tilt (Lower Crossed Syndrome)

Glute Squeeze Track

What it focuses on: Strengthening of the Glute Max Muscle (Lower Crossed Syndrome)

Glute Medius Track

What it focuses on: Strengthening of the Glute Medius Muscle

Prone Positioning Track

What it focuses on: Strengthening of the lower back muscles

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